FAQ #1 – Why Does the Alberta Prosperity Project Refer To The Supremacy of God?

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In Canada, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms states that “Canada is founded on the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law”; and in the Alberta Bill of Rights, “Alberta is founded on principles that recognize the Supremacy of God”.

In the United States, reference is made to God or the Creator in the Declaration of Independence and the Pledge of Allegiance, in addition to “In God We Trust” on US currency.

The Alberta Prosperity Project;

  1. We believe in a secular governance model, with clear separation of Church and state.
  2. We also believe that “people are all created equal by their Creator, endowed by natural law with certain inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty, property (starting with one’s own body) and the pursuit of happiness.” It is up to each individual to discern who their “Creator” might be. Those inalienable rights certainly did not come from the Courts.
  3. The intention of referring to the Supremacy of God is to provide a moral and ethical foundation for a “Constitution of Alberta, Civil Society, and the Rule of Law” as well as for the policies and governance proposed. It is not the intent of the Alberta Prosperity Project (APP) to dissuade Albertans from joining APP and the independence movement. The actual policies are secular in nature, and we do not suggest that Government will interfere with people’s right to a religious belief, or not; nor would we suggest imposing religious doctrine on the electorate.
  4. All religions acknowledge a higher power, and “God” is the embodiment of that Higher Power, from which we are born with “inalienable rights.”
  5. The “Supremacy of God” is foundational to civil society and the rule of law.
  6. Even most agnostics and atheists will acknowledge the necessity of foundational values and principles, and there is nothing more foundational than “The Ten Commandments”.

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