You wish to work within the 2 parties that are currently in our province?  I am very leery of splitting the right.  We saw that a few years back and we got the NDP.  That would be a disaster.

The APP aims to create an independence movement so massive that APP will control the outcome of the 2023 election. No party can ignore 1,000,000 APP members, or more, if they wish to be elected.  The options for APP Albertans at present are unclear due to the confusion around the UCP leadership and, as well, that there are at least 3 independence parties.  Regardless, APP can compel the: 

  1. unification of the “Independence-focused parties” under one umbrella if they want Support from APP members,  
  1. any party to commit to legally protecting Albertan’s interests, individual freedoms and rights, and prosperity, as well as the prosperity and self-determination of  Alberta itself.  
  1. a referendum on independence should be a unifying concept since a successful  referendum on independence gives Alberta for the first time in 116 years the  negotiating power, or the leverage required to chart a new path forward within or  without Canada.  

The additional focus of APP is to unify the various organizations and societies advocating for individual freedoms, rights, and prosperity to assist in educating Albertans. Wanting to protect individual freedoms and prosperity should be non-partisan and, hence, unifying.  

We are often asked how our strategy will avoid “Splitting the vote?” The question is welcome. First, it is necessary to note that it will be used as a “scare tactic” by the UCP and other parties to prevent an independence vote. However, a professor from Harvard, Erica Chenoweth, released a paper stating societal movements by 3.5% of the population actively participating will result in a political change of direction of that societyAs Premier Klein once remarked, “find a parade and get in front of it”.  We are creating that parade, that movement.  

Indeed, When the UCP was elected, the party had 120,000 members, which is 3.5% of the voting public (3,400,000 citizens). The APP intends to grow its membership to 500,000 to 1,000,000 (or more) Albertans who will not only influence the outcome of the 2023 election but ensure that the government elected will implement the policies, governance, and bylaws that the APP membership supports, including the commitment to hold an honest referendum on Alberta Independence. 

Thus, with 500 000—1 000 000 Albertans (33% of the voting population) convinced of the merits of independence, and therefore voting to protect their individual interests and prosperity, vote splitting will not be an issue.  

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