With our current corrupt federal government that wants total control, how can we separate without a civil war to be free?  They would send their troops to stop us.

A military attack on Alberta by Canadian forces is simply a scare tactic.  

Here are the facts:

  1. The process the APP has outlined to achieve sovereignty for Alberta is entirely legal.

  2. The will of the people by voting is recognized by all democracies, so Alberta would have international support.
  3. A successful referendum on Alberta independence gives Alberta the moral and legal legitimacy to chart a new path forward.  We have and will continue to make it clear that  a “new path forward” could include either:
    1. Alberta remaining in Canada, but with far greater control of its wealth via the collection of all taxes, including federal taxes. Alberta will then be positioned to determine what it will pay to Ottawa. Alberta will also take over complete control of healthcare (away from the constraints of the Canada Health Act), and implement an education system that reflects the traditional values of  western civilization that prepares students for the real world. Our proposal for a sovereign Alberta also includes complete unfettered control of the development of our natural resources along with our own national and international trade agreements.   After the successful referendum on Alberta Independence, Alberta would then negotiate with Ottawa on what Alberta requires to remain in Canada and, failing to achieve the control that it wants after 6 to 12 months of negotiations would declare its “Independence”.
    2. After the failure of negotiations with Ottawa and the other provinces, Alberta will unilaterally declares its sovereignty as an Independent Nation and prepare to transition to a Sovereign Constitutional Republic.

  4. Alberta would then become the 55th member of the Commonwealth and the 35th Sovereign Constitutional Republic to be a member of the Commonwealth. At present there are 54 Commonwealth countries, and 34 are constitutional republics.

  5. It is unlikely that one Commonwealth country would attack a budding new Commonwealth country.  Prior to the two Quebec referendums on secession, there was  no threat of using the military to prevent Quebec from seceding.

  6. An “independence-focused government” will engage with the military that is already here on bases throughout Alberta, as well as the US military, prior to holding the referendum on independence. Alignment of our new Alberta military with the US military has many mutual benefits.

  7. If the will of the people is strongly for Independence it is highly unlikely any military action would be taken. Further, all currently serving military personnel are bound by the National Défense Act and are not allowed to express any political opinions publicly.
  8. Erica Chenoweth, a Harvard professor who has studied societal movements over the last couple of hundred years discovered that nonviolent campaigns are twice as likely to achieve their goals as violent campaigns.    

for a prosperous alberta within or without canada

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