Why would investment come to Alberta instead of places such as Texas?

Prior to the bane of regulatory holdup by invasive federal policies and excessive taxation, Alberta was, historically, a massive nexus of investment and during the 70s, was becoming the economic centre of power in Canada.  An independent Alberta would again become an irresistible magnet for investment consequent to a regulatory environment that facilitates business development and operation along with the lowest taxation burdens in western civilization coupled to free markets. Alberta will flourish and permit businesses to grow, create jobs and generate wealth. Perhaps most important, a Sovereign Constitutional Republic, Alberta would constitutionally protect investment so that long-term capital-intensive projects could never be shuttered.  

With Alberta’s abundance of natural resources which far exceeds that of Texas, and with an inviting regulatory environment, Alberta would once again become the Texas of the North, and would always be angling to outdo other jurisdictions, including Texas, as the freest most prosperous nation in the world to live, work, raise a family, or start a business.  Alberta also has far more diverse and extensive natural resources than Texas, which translates into far greater opportunity for investment. 

Finally, Texas has 29.9 million people, and Alberta has only 4.46 million people on nearly the identical land area. The Opportunity is here for far greater and more rapid growth.  

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