Who can we really trust?

Who can we really trust?

“I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I cannot believe you” Friedrich Nietzsche 

This statement by Friedrich Nietzsche is at the heart of why we have lost trust in government, as we know it and have experienced it. Governments of all types have lost our trust because of corruption, inept governance, discal impropriety, and they have promised one thing and done another.  They have perpetually lied to us.  

The APP understands that the Provincial and Federal Governments have abrogated their responsibilities to every Albertan. All trust has been broken; all assurances of goodwill on the part of government are met with uncertainty. The people of Alberta are not to blame for forfeiting trust. For decades, governments have actively manoeuvred their bureaucrats, politicians, and influential leaders into positions that now facilitate our harm.  

To that end, it is never a guarantee that a politician will be morally just. On the contrary, it is almost certain that he will be corrupt. To combat this problem, the APP recommends that Alberta transitions to a Sovereign Constitutional Republic. The APP wants the citizens of Alberta to be ruled by law in a “justice system”, not politicians. On page 6 of the APP’s Proposed Policies and Governance for the Sovereign Nation of Alberta, it states: “all citizens have the right to live free in a civil society that recognizes the Supremacy of God and the rule of law,” 

Thus, the APP that a sovereign Alberta recognizes the Supremacy of God as the standard of right and wrong, which is foundational to the rule of law and civil society. This standard is incorruptible precisely because it transcends mankind and is the foundation of moral civilization?  

Adopting this standard protects Albertans in many ways. Most clearly, it enables us to implement checks and balance on the politician’s power. If an MLA is acting disharmoniously with this law, he is acting corruptly. To remove that corrupted politician from office, the bylaws and the governance section of the Policy & Governance document introduce very robust recall mechanisms to hold elected officials and appointed bureaucrats accountable like never before.  

Accordingly, the APP supports elected officials who are committed to, and will state publicly, that they will uphold individual freedoms and rights, protect Alberta’s prosperity and self-determination, and immediately take control of that which can be done within the Canadian constitution: policing, pensions, immigration, employment insurance, and provincial tax collection, which sets the stage for federal tac collection.  

Finally, the provincial government can only regain our trust if they are actively educating Albertans, along with the APP, on the necessity for a successful referendum on Alberta Independence. Trust will finally be won when the politician proves his allegiance to the people of Alberta and the law through the realization of a successful referendum on independence.