What would the plan for currency and passports be?

We have planned to create a sovereign Alberta currency which would be backed by gold, and perhaps other precious metals, as well as our massive natural resources. We believe that it could eventually become the strongest currency in the world.   

Alberta, as a Sovereign Nation, would require citizens to have an Alberta passport to qualify for the benefits of living in Alberta, such as low taxation and increased pensions, and international travel. Canadians living and working in Alberta, and Alberta based Canadian corporations, would be required to pay Canadian taxes, as well as Alberta taxes. Alberta citizens would only be required to pay low Alberta taxes. More than that, it is critical an independent Alberta enforce voting I.D./passports to vote in elections thereby ensuring the integrity of our democracy.     

The corollary to an Alberta currency and passports is the development of Alberta Embassies and Consulates in nations with which we wish to do business and develop trade relationships.   

for a prosperous alberta within or without canada

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