What is the timetable to get control of our destiny?  

1.  May 2023:  Election of an Independence-focused government that understands the need for leverage through a successful referendum on Independence and therefore commits to hold one. 

2.  May 2023 – October or November 2025 (Mid-term Municipal elections):  Assume control of policing, pensions, employment insurance, immigration, and provincial tax collection.  Create new banking regulations for ATB, all Alberta based Credit Unions, and the Alberta Security Exchange that supersede federal authority, which will to protect depositors and investors from CRA and the federal government. This sets the stage for the referendum on independence. 

3.  No later than October or November 2025, conduct an honest Referendum on Independence, which provides Alberta the moral and legal legitimacy to chart a new path forward. Depending on polling, the referendum could be held much earlier, but preferably after achieving the preliminary objectives in number 2 above.  *Please see petition on website (under education). 

4.  Negotiate for 6 to 12 months with Ottawa and other provinces for a massive devolution of power and control to Alberta. If negotiations are successful, it will justify Alberta remaining a part of Canada, but uncontrolled by Ottawa, etched into a new constitution. However, it is improbable that Ottawa and the rest of Canada will agree to Alberta’s demands.  

5.  October or November 2026: If negotiations with Ottawa and the other provinces fail, Alberta unilaterally declares its sovereignty as an Independent Nation and prepares to transition to a Sovereign  Constitutional Republic.  

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