Realistically, how many years of divided conservative votes do you think it will take before Alberta arrives at the clear majority in favour of separation?

We don’t have the luxury of time before we lose our individual freedoms, rights, and prosperity, and to save this amazing province.  And no federal or provincial government has ever protected Alberta’s freedom and prosperity since it’s inception into confederation. We started as a colony in 1905, and we continue to be a colony 116 years later, and we continue to be pillaged and plundered for the benefit of the east.   

We already know that the federal government intends to end our oil and gas industry by 2030, which will reduce the average income of Albertans by at least 1/3, according to Jack Mintz, the Chair of Public policy at the University of Calgary. (Financial Post, Nov 11, 2021).  And a more recent Angus Reid survey reported on Jan 4, 2022, that 73% of Albertans are disillusioned by the federal government. Provincially, the UCP has not even implanted one of the recommendations of the “Fair Deal Panel”. If “conventional government” won’t protect us, who will?    

We also know the game plan of those who would suppress us in perpetuity. The Great Reset is a highly influential movement by the global elitists of the WEF and the UN under “Agenda 2030” to “reset” the world economy, implement a one world digital currency and restructure the social order using banks,, government programs, and environmental, social, and governance metrics to control billions of people in their every move, in all of their transactions, in every purchase, in every bureaucratic practice, and in every activity, People will be pinned, catalogued, categorized, tracked and controlled. Your assigned social credit score will determine what permissions you are granted in society by the government.  The WEF and UN advance upon Canada via the “Great Reset” is no longer a conspiracy but is a clear and present danger to remake society everywhere with a one-world socialist/Marxist governance structure.  

The WEF-UN “Agenda 2030″ has already begun. The federal government has just announced its intention to implement a digital ID, one component of the Great Reset. A one-world digital currency is next, along with a social credit score to change the fabric of how society operates completely controlled by the government.   

Many Albertans recognize (and this number will only increase as the APP unveils its massive educational campaign) that we are at a constitutional precipice. We have two choices before us: Albertans can return to the old way of life, oppressed by high taxation, invasive regulatory policy, and unjust federal law, or we can adventure, together, into a new constitutional republic with low taxation, free markets, and laws of justice. Decades of voting for the “same old same old” has generated nothing of value for our province. The structural imbalances of confederation and the impossibility of changing the Canadian Constitution means that Alberta cannot better its fortunes within confederation. Instead, we need something new, something better! The APP is convinced this new way of life is generated by independence.  

However, by electing an independence-focused government that will guarantee to protect our individual freedoms, rights, and prosperity and Alberta’s self-determination, we will have hope. Once that government takes control of policing, pensions, employment insurance, immigration, and provincial tax collection, we will have even greater hope. And with a successful referendum on independence, Alberta will have, for the first time, negotiating power (leverage), to chart a new path forward.  Hope will be realized and Alberta will finally be able to parley with Ottawa and the other provinces on what Alberta wants, and, should 6 to 12 months of negotiation fail, Alberta will become a new Sovereign Constitutional Republic. 

Today, more than ever, it is essential that Albertans realize that it is no longer possible to passively resist.  It is necessary to take a position, to fight for freedom, to demand respect for natural freedoms, such as life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness.  Even more important is to understand that the dystopia of the New World Order serves to establish a dictatorship and eliminate any trace of religion.  Accordingly, we do not have “years” to save ourselves.  We know the future, and we can already hear the rush of the ‘falls”.

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