Is Pierre Poliviere part of the globalist movement hiding behind smoke and mirrors? 

Not that APP is aware of.  A couple of years ago he was trying to get a petition going to “Stop the Great Reset”, which fizzled out. 

No matter who assumes the Canadian Federal Throne on Parliament Hill, Alberta will never be able to receive a fair deal in Canada without a referendum on independence. This is because our problem is not primarily ideological (though, to be stated, being governed with sound ideology is superior to destructive ideology), but structural. The diversification of MPs in parliament is of no consequence for Alberta; structural imbalances perpetually tip the scales in favour of the east.  

For example, the uneven distribution of seats in government (1 seat/41 000 individuals in PEI and 1 seat/120 000 individuals in Alberta) (  What this means is that:  

  1. Every federal election will be decided by voter rich Quebec and Ontario
  2. It doesn’t matter which federal party is in power. The parties seeking power and the government in power will always pander to Quebec and Ontario at Alberta’s expense to maintain control.

Over the course of Alberta’s 116 years of existence, not one federal party has protected Alberta’s interests, prosperity, or self-determination. No matter who is in charge in Ottawa, nothing will change for Alberta with our current circumstances in confederation.  

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