Is it the APP’s intention to form a new provincial party, or rather to support a “Pro Alberta” existing party?

The APP is a non-profit and non-partisan educational project; it has no intention of becoming a “political party.” Neither do we support any specific political party because we would then be deemed a “political action committee” and subject to Elections Alberta’s contribution limits.   

APP’s purpose is to engage, inform, educate, and inspire all Albertans, businesses, and organizations to protect their interests, their individual freedoms, rights, and prosperity by enabling Alberta to chart a new path forward as an Independent Sovereign Constitutional Republic.   

While we recognize that many Albertans would like Alberta to remain in Canada, but with a much better deal that gives Alberta control of its wealth and all government programs, the evidence is irrefutable that it is impossible to achieve based on Alberta’s history in confederation, the structural electoral imbalance, and the impossibility to change the Canadian Constitution. 

Accordingly, APP via a massive educational campaign will grow its membership to 500,000 to 1,000,000 or more Albertans who will then have the potential to influence the outcome of the 2023 provincial election and compel a subsequent referendum on Alberta Independence. A successful referendum gives Alberta the leverage of the moral and legal legitimacy to chart a new path forward as an independent “nation” within Canada, or as an Independent Sovereign Constitutional Republic.  There is no other leverage, other than a successful referendum on Independence, that gives Alberta any negotiating power. 

In conclusion, our task is to educate Albertans on the rationale and merits of Independence, the importance of leverage, and to vote for a party that will guarantee that individual freedoms, rights,  prosperity and self-determination will be protected, and as government implement the policies, governance, and bylaws that we recommend on our website.  Which political party that our members  vote for will be up to every APP member. If all APP members vote in one direction, they will change the history of Alberta and preserve our individual freedoms and rights, and our quest for prosperity for all.  


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