How do you intend to fix socialism with more socialism and democracy with more democracy?

The policies of the APP do not portend any socialist agenda. Instead, the APP champions free markets, individual freedoms, rights, and values, as well as a deregulated economy. At the same time, APP recommended policies recognize certain realities, such as homelessness is a problem that has not been solved, but we know how to do that. We know that people may be born compromised and require lifelong support.  We also know that people can be excessively harmed by life’s circumstances for which they may require a “hand up” to get back into society as a contributing member. Or in tragic cases where they are so severely compromised that they are unable to get back to work, they will require indefinite support. To aid these individuals, the APP proposes, not socialist policies, but pragmatic and logical ones that serve the interests of all of society. 

Democracy fails when societal rights trump individual rights, i.e., the tyranny of the majority over the minority. Mob rule in a democracy devolves into socialism, socialism into Marxism, and Marxism into communism.  We have experienced this concerning spiral with the Covid-19 mandates.  However, when individual rights and freedoms are supreme (i.e., a sovereign constitutional republic), the rights of the society follow. Thus, the only way to protect the fidelity of democracy is to entrench individual freedoms and rights into a robust new Constitution of Alberta in which societal rights can never Trump individual rights.     

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