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The APP recognizes that politicians are subject to corruption. As it stands, loopholes, big government, and flagrant violation of the law though corrupted courts enable politicians to act unjustly to…


The obvious problem with a “single member district” and “first past the post” voting system is that in a multiple-popular-candidate election in that SMD, a candidate may be elected with…


We have had ostensibly strong conservative governments both federally and provincially in the past, but the reality is that no federal or Alberta government has ever protected Alberta’s interests or future…


The APP recognizes that Alberta Independence is impossible without the support of Alberta’s Indigenous People. Please note that Lawrence Courtereille, VP of Indigenous  Sovereignty is a proud member of the APP…


for a prosperous alberta within or without canada

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The Alberta Prosperity Project doesn’t receive any government funding. We rely on our generous supporters to help fund our educational efforts. If you support our mission to empower the Alberta government to restructure Alberta’s relationship with Canada by mobilizing public support for a referendum on independence, please consider making a donation today:

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