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Without a single nod to irony, in preparation for Canada Day, Trudeau supporting police officers are threatening “zero-tolerance” for any protesters that mar the planned “celebration” in Ottawa.

Does anyone else remember when Canada Day used to be a day when we celebrated the Canadian Charter of Rights and the freedoms that were the bedrock foundation of our prosperity. Does anyone else remember the day when a Canadian flag didn’t require a trigger warning for the delicate souls who now claim it to be a symbol of “extremism”. Apparently, Canada Day is now a day when anyone contemplating acts of free speech or free assembly are being threatened by civic officials and police spokespeople. Hopefully no one is jailed for attempting to remind their fellow citizens that the Constitution of Canada rests on “the supremacy of God and the rule law”.

In the aftermath of Tamara Lich’s arrest on a Canada wide warrant for allegedly breaching bail conditions, Tamara’s mother Bonnie McBurney still has no idea what Tamara is alleged to have done to land her back in the Trudeau hoosegow. Meanwhile, Trudeau continues to yuk it up over whose “plane” is bigger with BoJo and whose “pecs” are peckier while drinking Champagne and eating caviar and canapes with his fellow WEF/G7 potentates at a “fairy tale castle” in Bavaria.

The last time Tamara was arrested and carted across the country to have her bail revoked, Trudeau’s friendly neighborhood prosecutor was rebuked by Ontario Superior Court Justice Kevin Phillips who said:

“The courts are not a thought police. We seek only to control conduct to the extent that certain behavior will violate or is likely to lead to violation of the law.”

It is apparent that Trudeau’s prosecutors haven’t received the message and will not give up on their continued crusade to make Tamara Lich’s life as miserable as possible to satisfy the braying Twitter mob who continue to defame the George Jonas Freedom Award Winner as a “racist”, “right-wing extremist”.

If the rumors are true, and Tamara is being jailed and hauled across the country in leg irons because she had the nerve to pose for a photo with Tom Marrazo at an event that the court specifically allowed her to attend, it is unlikely that the cruel and degrading arrest of Ms. Lich over the weekend will result in the revocation of her bail let alone sustaining the additional charge of Breach of Recognizance.

Posing for a picture at an event attended with the court’s blessing, with many of your lawyers present is not a violation of the law or “likely to lead to a violation of the law” even if the person in the photo with you is on Justin Trudeau’s “Really, Really, Really Naughty List”.

It is unfortunate that it is highly unlikely that this recent, apparent over-reach by prosecutors will not result in a Justice citing the prosecutors for abuse of process and contempt of court. In the opinion of many Canadians, it is time for the courts to begin the process of reconciliation with Canadians whose rights have been sorely abused by starting to rein in abuses of power by members of Canada’s administrative state who see themselves as our overlords.

On a related note, Bonny McBurney confirmed to me this morning that the rumors about Tamara Lich being in the process of being nominated for The Nobel Peace Prize are, in fact, true.

Canadians need to internalize the degree of shame and national embarrassment they should all feel when Members of The European Parliament are nominating a Canadian political prisoner for The Nobel Peace Prize for courageously standing up to the tyranny of the authoritarian junta being presided over by Justin Trudeau. As someone recently said “it is really sad that Trudeau now has Canada being referred to internationally as “Bananada”.

In speaking with Bonnie McBurney this morning, Bonny told this writer that her biggest concern is that Tamara’s arrest is part of the ongoing campaign by Trudeau and his minions to incite peaceful protesters to riot like they did with all of their name calling leading up to the Emergencies Act Declaration which Trudeau and his minions falsely claimed was invoked at the request of the RCMP and Ottawa Police.

On behalf of Tamara and herself, Mrs. McBurney urged everyone protesting Trudeau’s ongoing abuses of power to remain calm and peaceful.

“We are so grateful for everyone’s support. Everyone needs to remember that Tamara is a lot stronger than he (Trudeau) is. Everyone needs to stay calm and remember that the only thing that Tamara wants is for everyone to remain peaceful. We can not let them bait us into behaving badly so that they can use this as a further excuse to lock people up or take away more peoples’ rights”.

Bananada indeed.

Jeffrey R.W. Rath is a constitutional lawyer who serves as Vice President General Counsel to the Alberta Prosperity Project.