The Alberta Prosperity Project’s Response to the Rearrest of Tamara Lich

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The Alberta Prosperity Project’s Response to the Rearrest of Tamara Lich


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The Alberta Prosperity Project’s Response to the Rearrest of Tamara Lich

The unjust and repeated arrest of Tamara Lich further proves the unchallenged liberty of protesting is no longer allowed. As Churchill said, “The stations of uncensored expression are closing down; the lights [of freedom] are going out.”

When it comes to Tamara and her freedom of expression, it is clear that the so-called authorities are afraid of her, so they jail her. What hypocrisy considering that just a couple of years ago Canada was professing international outrage for the Saudi’s jailing of a female activist

Tamara Lich is a woman of excellent spirit; she is a woman of indomitable courage. Her achievements are monumental, and her love for freedom is unmatched. Tamara has made it her mantra that it be better to dine with humble Albertans and Canadians than feast with corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.  

However, to their disgrace, the Crown has not only abrogated, but has betrayed the social contract. Shame on the “defenders of justice” who chose to incarcerate a woman who simply stood up for her rights and the rights of Canadians. We are being governed by a crown that promises to uphold justice and then commits gross acts of injustice. Canadian freedom lovers assembled a convoy in an effort to bring attention to injustices happening in our country, and our Prime Minister ignored them. The convoy freed the people of Canada from tyrannical mandates, and the House of Commons accused them of occupation and insurrection. A woman correctly identifies the Canadian government as acting tyrannically, and the government throws her in prison to prove her wrong.

Is this what Ottawa calls progress—arresting men and women who peacefully and lawfully take a stand against tyranny? Is it progress to freeze the bank accounts of Canadians who innocently donated funds to an effort that promotes and protects our rights and freedoms? This is not progress—this is the deterioration of Canada.  

The question is whether we, as Albertans and Canadians, should meet this protracted censor of our rights with submission or resolute legal defiance. Let it be known; we mean to hold our own. The APP continues to pursue freedom and prosperity as the federal government continues to prove why we need both all the more. The resolve and renown of Alberta is not yet dimmed, and it never will be because of those who stand with truth—people like Tamara Lich.