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We need to reach 100,000 members as soon as possible. That might seem like a lot but we can get there if each of our current members recruits one additional member! 

1 + 1 = 2 … It’s really that simple.

How can you help? 
We’ve outlined five “Call To Action” tasks that will get us to 100,000 members in no time!
1. SEND AN EMAIL – Send an email to five people who you think may support a more free and prosperous Alberta. Feel free to write your own personal email to them or use our email template found here:
2. CALL THREE FRIENDS – Call three friends that prefer that one-on-one interaction and tell them about the Alberta Prosperity Project. Don’t forget to ask them to become a member of our community.
3. INVITE A FRIEND OVER – Invite a friend over to chat about the Alberta Prosperity Project. Suggestion: Choose your number ONE prospect. Share your story, tell them about us, and don’t forget to ask them to become a member.
4. POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA – Make a post on your favorite social network. Follow us online and share our posts with your friends and family. Better yet, attend one of our in-person or online events and publish a post about it. Don’t forget to hashtag #albertaprosperity so we can interact with you!
5. CONTACT YOUR LOCAL APP CHAPTER – Contact your local Alberta Prosperity Project chapter and get involved! Keep an eye out on our website and social media accounts for volunteering and other opportunities.
With your help we can hit and exceed 100,000 members.  We have a very important mission to accomplish and we are so happy to be doing this with you. 
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UPDATED EMAIL TEMPLATE: (Share This Email With Others)

Hi [Friend],  

I’ve recently learned about the Alberta Prosperity Project and have become a member. They are a grassroots organization, with no politicians at the table, who are working to create a more free and prosperous Alberta.

Did you know that Alberta sends around $60 billion to Ottawa through federal taxation every year and then we have to beg Ottawa for some of it back?  

It’s true! Alberta has and is still being pillaged and plundered by Eastern Canada. And for 116 years, every attempt to change this has failed. 

The Alberta Prosperity Project has a detailed document available on their website called, “The Rationale for Alberta Independence” that covers all the reasons why Albertans should be outraged about our current relationship with Canada. I invite you to read it and learn the truth about the mistreatment of Alberta by Ottawa.

So what can we do about this? The Alberta Prosperity Project has a plan.

It starts by creating the power and leverage for Alberta to negotiate with Ottawa and other provinces. We do this by holding a successful referendum on Alberta Independence. Doing so would give, for the first time in Alberta’s history, the next Alberta Government the ability to negotiate with Ottawa from a position of strength. Alberta would then have the ability to chart a new path forward as an independent nation within Canada, or as a sovereign independent nation untethered to Canada.  

The benefits of Alberta Independence are numerous and spectacular. And by supporting the Alberta Prosperity Project, we will show the do nothing politicians and bureaucrats in Ottawa how serious we are about protecting and preserving our freedoms and prosperity

Also, did I mention that the Alberta Prosperity Project is a non-profit educational society? Every membership sold and donation raised goes towards funding research, producing educational material, and hosting educational events. 

The Alberta Prosperity Project is giving hope for a better future and we want to share this with you. Please consider becoming a member of our community or making a donation

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