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Response to Leela Aheer’s Defamation of the Alberta Prosperity Project & Albertans

Ms. Aheer’s misguided defamatory comments about the members of the Alberta Prosperity Society have insulted hundreds of thousands of moms, dads, grandparents, teenagers, first Nations, Metis, and multi-ethnic members and genders of the Alberta Prosperity Project (APP). Her vitriol emanates directly from the Kenny playbook when he stated in March this year that those who oppose his leadership are of a similar ilk as Ms. Aheer has similarly mischaracterized. Both Ms. Aheer and Mr. Kenney have failed to understand that their poor performance, lack of integrity, lying, and spineless failure to stand up for Albertans have been at the root of the APP movement.  

Lashing out at good, caring, thoughtful people who eschew many of her government’s failed policies does not justify her slanderous comments or supercilious tone, and is well beneath the dignity of anyone who seeks public office. But since she knows that she will never ascend to the Premiership and is likely to lose her seat in the next election, it is understandable that she has become the “woke” attack dog. Should we be surprised that Ms. Aheer has such appalling cognitive dissonance and lack of decorum? Of course not, she is at the highest echelon of cancel culture  and isolated socialist ideology, from which she refuses to be educated.   

Ms. Aheer also falsely claimed that the APP intends to become a political party from her read of the website. Nowhere  on the website or on any platform has APP ever even intimated an intention to become a political party which, once again, calls into question her integrity and cognition. What we have said is that the APP recommends the following documents form the basis of a unified Alberta independence-focused Party, which means independence within or without confederation, depending on the outcome of negotiations with Ottawa and the Provinces by the Alberta government at the time.  

The Alberta Prosperity Society  (APS) is a registered non-partisan, non-profit educational society, with a multi ethnic Board of Governors including a former First Nations Chief, and a First Nations constitutional lawyer who govern the Alberta Prosperity Project. 

The APP, on the other hand, is an educational project, which purpose is to educate and unite Albertans, businesses, and organizations to protect their interests, individual freedoms, rights, prosperity, and self-determination by enabling Alberta to chart a new path forward. That new path forward  could include independence within Canada, or untethered to Canada, subject only to the will of educated Albertans.  

My dear friend, Premier Klein, used to muse “Find a parade and get in front of it.”  We are creating that parade, that movement that any party can get in front of that values and will fight for those aforementioned aspirations that Albertans so desperately seek. And APP will always remain constitutionally agnostic to party and politicians, focused only on education. 

The Alberta Prosperity Project had its conceptual beginning in 2003. During the past thirty months of  preparation of the intellectual material validated by four constitutional lawyers. We are particularly proud of creating the most forward thinking and inclusive policies and constitutional proposals that offer a partnership with our First Nations and Metis, as well as all Albertans, that is without precedent in Canadian history.  

 the APP launched at the end of February 2022. After only 6 months of operation the APP has established 140 educational chapters throughout the province with several pending, conducted over 100 in person events, dozens of webinars, podcasts, media interviews and spoken to tens of thousands of Albertans. Thanks to our over 1000 volunteers and a dedicated and talented management team, we have attracted thousands of members, millions interested on social media, and hundreds of thousands of followers. That is a movement! 

Ms. Aheer owes an apology to those Albertans who value their individual freedoms, rights, and prosperity, but I question whether she has the class do so. Out of respect for Ms. Aheer, and in keeping with our values of respect and integrity, I would be pleased to have a respectful conversation with her, like I did with Mr. Toews the other day. 

Dennis L Modry, MD

CEO, Alberta Prosperity Project

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