New Taxes in an Already Overtaxed Province

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New Taxes in an Already Overtaxed Province


The Canadian Federal Government hungers for more power. One of the ways they indulge their appetite is by devouring our incomes. Along with the vast tribute of taxes we presently serve to the Bureaucracy in Ottawa, here are some of their additional demands in 2022:*

  • An increase to the CPP contribution rate to 5.7%.
  • A 22% increase on the carbon tax at the pumps.
  • An additional carbon tax will be activated on December 1st, 2022.
  • An increase to the alcohol tax by the rate of inflation.
  • New luxury taxes.
  • Tobacco tax increases.
  • A digital services tax.

As such, the preliminary fiscal theme of 2022 is “Taxes, taxes, taxes.” Our government consumes them at an astonishing rate, and Members of the Canadian Parliament can’t help but chomp on the wages of Albertans. Their love affair with taxation has turned into a hydra, enabling outrageous federal spending budgets. Impossibly heavy taxation rates are oppressing us; how much longer does the Federal Government of Canada believe we can bear their demands?

However, there is hope! The Alberta Prosperity Project is working tirelessly to generate a movement for independence that will rescue our cherished province from crushing poverty. You and I know the story of the tyrannical king making his subjects provide fantastic portions of capital and goods in exchange for protection. The citizen, impoverished by the king’s laws, continues to send what meagere wealth he owns until one day, he has a revelation—being “protected” just to be taken advantage of while enduring unfair treatment isn’t a fair trade.

At the APP, we are convinced Albertans are experiencing this revelation as well! Why would we stay governed by a Laurentian Parliament that despises our culture, publicly apologizes for our production of oil, and then demands we fuel the country’s economic engine? Ottawa has taxed us to keep their bellies full; they rely on us to enable their campaign for control, but in return, we are treated as lesser Canadians.

So, it’s time for independence! It’s time for minimal, flat, representative, taxation. It’s time for Albertans to be able to live as our conscience directs, to cherish the fruits of our enterprise, to educate our children as we see fit, and to finally realize the blessings of what a free and prosperous province, independent of Ottawa, can achieve.

*Note, these are just a few of the Federal tax increases! There are provincial ones as well.