What’s New with the W.H.O.? with James Roguski

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On June 12th, 2024, the Alberta Prosperity Project (APP) hosted an enlightening webinar featuring Kerry Lambert and James Roguski. The focus was on recent developments within the World Health Organization (WHO) and their implications for Alberta and beyond. The event was streamed across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Rumble, ensuring broad access and engagement.

Introduction by Kerry Lambert

Kerry Lambert opened the webinar with a warm welcome to participants from Alberta and beyond. He outlined APP’s mission: to educate, inspire, and unite all Albertans to protect prosperity, individual freedoms, and self-determination. APP aims to empower the Alberta government to restructure Alberta’s relationship within or without Canada. Lambert emphasized the importance of community involvement and encouraged viewers to share the webinar and participate in APP’s initiatives.

Keynote by James Roguski

James Roguski, a researcher, author, and natural health advocate, provided an in-depth analysis of the 77th Annual World Health Assembly held in May 2024. He focused on the adoption of amendments to the International Health Regulations and the continuation of negotiations for a proposed pandemic agreement. Roguski’s key points included:

  1. Intellectual Property Treaty: On May 24th, a significant treaty was signed at the World Intellectual Property Organization. This treaty mandates that any nation identifying a genetic sequence of a pathogen must be named in patent applications using that sequence, ensuring fair distribution of royalties.
  2. Financial Mechanism: The WHO adopted a coordinated financial mechanism to raise funds for building pandemic-related manufacturing capacities worldwide. This mechanism aims to ensure equitable access to health products but lacks detailed guidelines and accountability measures, raising concerns about potential misuse and corruption.
  3. Big Pharma Benefits: The agreements primarily benefit large pharmaceutical companies by enhancing their production and distribution capabilities globally. Roguski criticized this focus, arguing that it prioritizes profits over public health.

In-Depth Analysis by Roguski

Roguski delved into the broader implications of these agreements. He emphasized that the negotiations and amendments are not about improving global health but about facilitating Big Pharma’s ability to produce and distribute health products more efficiently. He highlighted several key issues:

  • Misinformation and Confusion: Many people have been misled about the nature of the negotiations, believing they were about enhancing global health security. In reality, they are trade agreements benefiting pharmaceutical companies.
  • Equitable Access and Sovereignty: Developing nations pushed for amendments to ensure equitable access to health products. These nations, particularly in Africa, argued for their sovereign right to benefit from their biological resources.
  • Corruption Risks: The financial mechanism lacks clear guidelines and accountability, making it susceptible to corruption and crony capitalism. Roguski dubbed it the new “Organization of Pandemic Emergency Corporations” (OPEC), highlighting its potential for misuse.

Calls to Action

Both Lambert and Roguski stressed the importance of public awareness and involvement. They urged Albertans to:

  • Stay Informed: Read and understand the official documents related to WHO’s agreements. Roguski provided resources for accessing these documents and encouraged critical examination of the information.
  • Get Involved: Participate in APP’s initiatives, attend events, and share information within your communities. APP’s door-knocking campaigns and events aim to raise awareness and build community strength.
  • Support Independence: Consider the implications of these international agreements on Alberta’s sovereignty. APP advocates for exploring options for greater self-determination to protect the interests of Albertans.

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