The Case for Sovereignty: A Farmer’s Perspective on Alberta’s Agricultural Future

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As a proud Alberta farmer, I’ve witnessed the highs and lows of our agricultural sector firsthand; or learned stories of highs and lows from years past from my parents. Our expansive prairies, fertile soil, and dedicated labor force have made Alberta a shining star in Canadian agriculture. However, despite our significant contributions, we are often hampered by federal policies that ignore our specific needs. This disconnect has many of us calling for greater sovereignty for Alberta—not just to protect our way of life and values, but to reclaim control over our destiny and truly support our agricultural community. Here’s why sovereignty is the key to a prosperous future for Alberta’s farmers:

Economic Independence and Stability

Sovereignty offers the promise of economic independence. Agriculture is a cornerstone of Alberta’s economy, generating billions annually. In 2020, Alberta’s agri-food exports reached $12.6 billion, accounting for 22% of Canada’s total agri-food exports. Yet, federal policies and regulations often stifle economic opportunities. Federal trade agreements frequently favor Eastern Canadian interests, leaving Alberta farmers struggling in international markets.

A significant historical example is the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB), which forced Western Canadian farmers to sell their wheat and barley exclusively through the CWB. This restriction prevented Alberta farmers from accessing potentially more lucrative markets and dictated prices that didn’t always reflect global market conditions, stifling their entrepreneurial spirit. Sovereignty would grant Alberta the freedom to develop trade deals that prioritize our agricultural products, ensuring better market access and prices for our farmers.

Moreover, Alberta’s contributions to the federal government far exceed what we receive in return, with a net contribution of approximately $20 billion per year. Much of this money is redistributed to other provinces, meaning Alberta’s hard-earned dollars are not fully reinvested in our local economy. Sovereignty would allow Alberta to retain more of its tax revenues, enabling reinvestment into agricultural research, infrastructure, and support programs tailored to the specific needs of our farmers and communities.

With financial independence, Alberta’s agricultural sector could become more resilient and robust, free from the constraints of federal policies that don’t align with our unique needs. Sovereignty isn’t just about political autonomy; it’s about empowering Alberta to thrive economically, ensuring that our farmers can capitalize on their hard work and innovation.

Customized Agricultural Policies

Federal one-size-fits-all policies fail to address Alberta’s specific agricultural needs. Our unique crop varieties, soil conditions, and climate require tailored policies to boost productivity and sustainability. Sovereignty would empower Alberta to create agricultural policies that reflect our on-the-ground realities.

For example, the proposed federal fertilizer policies threaten to impose strict limits on fertilizer use, potentially reducing crop yields and hurting farm incomes. These policies overlook the efficient and responsible fertilizer practices already in place in Alberta. Sovereignty would allow us to implement fertilizer regulations that balance environmental concerns with the practical needs of our farmers, ensuring continued productivity and economic viability.

Moreover, the federal carbon tax disproportionately impacts Alberta’s agricultural sector. This tax increases the cost of fuel, transportation, and other essential inputs, squeezing already tight profit margins and making it harder for farmers to compete. By achieving sovereignty, Alberta could develop a more balanced approach to environmental taxation, supporting both sustainability and the economic health of our farming community.

Research and Innovation

Innovation is the core of a vibrant agricultural sector. However, most agricultural research funding at the federal level is dispersed and often not concentrated in areas that will benefit Alberta farmers. With sovereignty, Alberta would be able to focus on core research and development projects that directly impact our agricultural practices and productivity.

Investing in precision agriculture, new drought-tolerant crop varieties, and sustainable farming practices would keep Alberta at the leading edge of agricultural innovation. The global precision agriculture market size is expected to grow from $6.96 billion in 2020 to $13.02 billion in 2025. Sovereignty would enable us to establish research institutions and partnerships with universities and private companies focused on the unique challenges and opportunities in Alberta’s agriculture.

Additionally, local authority over research funding would allow for more responsive and timely investments in addressing emerging threats and opportunities. This could include developing new crop varieties suited to Alberta’s climate or innovative solutions to pest problems, significantly benefiting our farming community.

Environmental Stewardship

Alberta’s farmers are stewards of the land, and our livelihoods depend on sustainable farming practices. Yet, time after time, federal environmental regulations prove to be out of touch with the practical realities of farming in Alberta. Sovereignty would enable us to develop and implement ecological policies that protect our natural resources while supporting agricultural productivity.

For instance, federal soil conservation programs are rarely flexible enough to meet local preferences for soil health and conservation. A sovereign Alberta would ensure that soil conservation programs directly target practices like cover cropping, reduced tillage, and crop rotation, supporting long-term soil health and fertility. Wildlife management policies could also be crafted to balance conservation with farmers’ needs, promoting harmonious coexistence between agriculture and nature.

Strengthening Rural Communities

Rural communities are the backbone of Alberta’s agriculture industry. Yet, federal policies often neglect their needs, leading to weakened infrastructure, reduced services, and population decline. Sovereignty offers a chance to revitalize these communities based on their specific priorities.

Investing in rural infrastructure—roads, healthcare, education—would support productive farming communities. Programs to empower youth in agriculture could address the declining number of farmers. Local control over economic development initiatives could spur innovation and entrepreneurship, supporting small businesses, agri-tourism, and value-added enterprises, fostering vibrant rural economies.


As Alberta farmers, we share a profound connection to our land and an unwavering commitment to feeding this country. The current federal system often fails to recognize and support our agricultural sector’s unique needs. Sovereignty offers a path to greater economic independence, customized agricultural policies, focused research and innovation, effective environmental stewardship, and revitalized rural communities. We don’t seek to isolate ourselves from Canada but to better manage our resources, support our farmers, and secure a bright future for agriculture in Alberta. It’s time for Alberta to take control of its destiny and ensure our farmers have the tools and support they need to continue their essential work. Sovereignty is not just a political goal; it’s a crucial step toward a viable and sustainable agricultural industry.

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