Saskatchewan’s Victory Against the Carbon Tax: A Blueprint for Alberta’s Sovereignty

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The recent court injunction won by Saskatchewan to block the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) from collecting the federal carbon tax marks a significant victory for provincial rights and sovereignty. This blog post will summarize key points from the Global News article and argue for Alberta to pursue a similar path. It will also critique the federal carbon tax and Net Zero policies, advocating for greater provincial autonomy in energy and economic matters. For the full article, visit the Global News website.

Summary of the Article

According to Global News:

  • Saskatchewan’s application for a court injunction to halt the CRA from collecting the federal carbon tax has been successful.
  • Provincial Justice Minister and Attorney General Bronwyn Eyre stated that the court ruling prevents the federal government from garnishing provincial funds, pending a full hearing.
  • The injunction is based on the argument that garnishing a provincial bank account violates Section 126 of Canada’s constitution.
  • The conflict arose when the federal government exempted home heating oil from the carbon tax in Atlantic Canada, but did not extend the same exemption to Saskatchewan’s natural gas users.
  • Despite stopping the collection of the carbon tax on natural gas, Saskatchewan residents continue to receive carbon rebate cheques.
  • The federal government has threatened to withdraw rebates, impose fines, or charge Saskatchewan executives in response.
  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defended the exemption for home heating oil, citing higher costs compared to natural gas.

Supporting Saskatchewan’s Victory & Sovereignty

Saskatchewan’s successful injunction against the federal carbon tax is a pivotal step in asserting provincial rights:

  • Legal Precedent: The court’s decision reinforces the principle that provincial governments have the right to challenge federal overreach, setting a legal precedent for other provinces.
  • Economic Protection: By blocking the federal government from collecting carbon tax revenues, Saskatchewan is protecting its economic interests and ensuring that funds remain within the province.

A Case for Alberta’s Sovereignty

Alberta should follow Saskatchewan’s lead in asserting its sovereignty for several reasons:

  • Federal Overreach: The federal government’s imposition of the carbon tax, especially with exemptions biased towards certain regions, exemplifies overreach that undermines provincial autonomy. Alberta has the right to challenge such policies that disproportionately affect its residents and industries.
  • Economic Stability: By resisting federal carbon tax policies, Alberta can protect its key industries, particularly oil and gas, from additional financial burdens that threaten economic stability and growth.
  • Energy Policy Control: Sovereignty would allow Alberta to tailor its energy policies to its unique needs, balancing environmental responsibility with economic viability.

Critiquing the Carbon Tax and Net Zero Policies

The federal carbon tax and Net Zero policies have several drawbacks:

  • Economic Impact: These policies increase operational costs for businesses, particularly in energy-intensive industries like oil and gas, leading to higher consumer prices and potential job losses.
  • Inequitable Application: The selective exemptions, such as those for home heating oil in Atlantic Canada, highlight the unfair and politically motivated application of the carbon tax.
  • Energy Security: The focus on rapid decarbonization without adequate infrastructure for reliable alternative energy sources jeopardizes energy security and affordability.


Saskatchewan’s victory against the federal carbon tax underscores the importance of provincial sovereignty in safeguarding economic and political interests. Alberta can learn from this example by asserting its rights against federal policies that threaten its economic stability and energy security. By challenging the carbon tax and Net Zero mandates, Alberta can pursue a balanced and pragmatic energy strategy that serves its residents’ best interests.

For a more detailed analysis, read the full article on the Global News website.

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