Reclaiming Canada with Chris Scott

The Alberta Prosperity Project (APP) continues to bring insightful and impactful discussions to its members and the broader community. In the latest episode of the APP Webinar Series, held on June 26, 2024, Kerry Lambert and Chris Scott discussed the recent Reclaiming Canada conference in Victoria, British Columbia. Chris Scott, who attended the conference, shared his experiences, the critical themes discussed, and the implications for Alberta and Canada as a whole.

Setting the Stage

The Reclaiming Canada conference, held at the historic Victoria Conference Centre, brought together a diverse group of speakers and attendees dedicated to discussing and addressing some of Canada’s most pressing issues. The conference focused on reclaiming the nation’s core values of freedom, democracy, and law, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath. With a mix of panels, keynote speeches, and networking opportunities, the event aimed to foster dialogue and propose actionable solutions for a better future.

Chris Scott, is a prominent figure in the freedom movement and the former CEO of the Alberta Prosperity Project. As the owner of the Whistle Stop Cafe, Chris has been at the forefront of several high-profile battles against governmental overreach, especially during the pandemic. His participation in the Reclaiming Canada conference was highly anticipated, given his reputation and the weight his insights carry in the freedom movement.

Key Themes and Discussions

Health and Science

One of the central themes of the conference was health and science. Notable speakers such as Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, and Dr. Drew Pinsky shared compelling evidence and personal experiences that questioned the efficacy and necessity of the measures taken during the pandemic. They discussed the impact of lockdowns, the effectiveness and safety of vaccines, and the need for early treatment protocols.

Dr. McCullough and Dr. Bhattacharya emphasized the importance of focusing on protecting the vulnerable and allowing natural immunity to play a role in managing the virus. The consensus among the speakers was that the pandemic response caused significant harm and that future health policies should be grounded in robust scientific evidence and individual freedom.

Tech and Media

The discussions on tech and media highlighted the critical role of independent media in preserving democracy and ensuring truthful reporting. Speakers like Clyde Do Something, Marty Up North, and tech entrepreneur Steve Kirsch emphasized the discrepancies between mainstream media narratives and the reality on the ground.

Clyde Do Something and Marty Up North shared their experiences of how mainstream media misrepresented events like the Freedom Convoy, while Steve Kirsch discussed the importance of technology in disseminating truth. The overarching theme was the urgent need to reclaim media from government and corporate influence to safeguard free speech and accurate information.

Democracy and Law

Chris Scott participated in a panel on democracy and law alongside other notable figures like Umar Sheikh and Tamara Lich. The panelists addressed the erosion of democratic principles and the rule of law in Canada, highlighting how government actions during the pandemic violated individual rights and freedoms, often without due process.

Umar Sheikh shared his experiences defending clients against unjust mandates, while Tamara Lich discussed the grassroots efforts of the Freedom Convoy to reclaim their rights. Chris Scott emphasized the need for citizens to remain vigilant and active in holding their government accountable. The panel called for reforms to ensure that democratic processes are protected and that the law serves the people, not the other way around.

Personal Reflections and Experiences

Chris Scott provided a detailed account of his personal experiences at the Reclaiming Canada conference, offering a unique perspective on the event’s significance. He recounted his meaningful interactions with influential figures like Dr. Peter McCullough and Lauren Southern, sharing stories of camaraderie and the shared commitment to truth and freedom that permeated the event.

Chris also drew comparisons between the political climates of Alberta and British Columbia, noting the differences in public sentiment and government policies. He emphasized the importance of provincial solidarity in the fight for individual rights, highlighting the unique challenges and opportunities each province faces.

The Way Forward

The conference wasn’t just about identifying problems; it was about proposing solutions and charting a path forward. Speakers and attendees discussed various strategies for reclaiming Canada’s democratic values, including grassroots activism, legal challenges, and political engagement. They emphasized the importance of unity and persistence in these efforts.

Chris highlighted the Alberta Prosperity Project’s role in these initiatives, outlining the organization’s plans to continue educating and mobilizing Albertans. He encouraged members to stay involved, share their knowledge, and support each other in the collective effort to reclaim their rights and freedoms.


The Reclaiming Canada conference was a pivotal event that underscored the importance of community involvement and continuous vigilance in protecting democratic values and individual freedoms. As Chris Scott’s experience demonstrates, there is a growing movement dedicated to reclaiming Canada’s core principles and ensuring a prosperous future for all.

We encourage you to engage with the Alberta Prosperity Project, share this webinar, and get involved in future events. Together, we can make a difference and uphold the values that define our great nation.

Additional Resources

For those interested in delving deeper into the discussions and findings from the Reclaiming Canada conference, we have provided links to watch the full webinar and access additional resources.

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