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The road to freedom and prosperity is through independence.

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Thousands of Dutch farmers are protesting after the Dutch government announced that it wanted to cut 50% of its nitrogen and ammonia emissions by 2030, a decision that would force at least 30% of farmers out of business. These types of harmful government policies are on their way to Alberta, if we allow it.

Let’s stand with the Dutch as they fight for their freedom as we fight for ours.

A Message from the Alberta Prosperity Project

Prosperity Under Attack! Government Targets Farmers

July 16, 2022

“Why is government harming our beef industry (or any farming industry for that matter)?” 

The answer is really quite simple; the farmers in Holland already know. It’s because a rich selection of food—like a fillet of beef—is an emblem of a free, family-oriented, capitalist society that governments and agents of the Great Reset are presently working to destroy. 

For most of history, the privilege of consuming foods like steak has been restricted to the wealthiest few. That is, it was until the introduction of capitalism exploded well-being across the world. From capitalism comes the harvest of wealth, and with it, an ability to spend more on food like quality cuts of beef.

Make no mistake; globalist gangsters and governments want to annihilate that blessing; they must do so if they are to rule by socialism. The valiant farmers in Holland protesting in the streets know this is true. Their armada of tractors assembled in cities declare resolute resistance to the Great Reset, and the abolition of private property. The farmers know that now is the time to protect their livelihood or they risk losing all they have in the future.  Peaceful, determined protest is Holland’s policy; freedom is their aim, and the Alberta Prosperity Project stands with them.  

Freedom and prosperity is our aim in Alberta, as well. Indeed, we have many farmers in Alberta, concerned about fertilizer shortages, carbon taxes, and federal regulation, who support the Alberta Prosperity Project and tirelessly volunteer as members of this movement. 

They have joined us because they want to help ensure that Alberta becomes a beacon of freedom and prosperity for the whole world to look upon. In fact, I finish with a smile as I realize that Alberta is not only beautiful, nor is it only a hardworking people. It is something even more inspiring. 

It is a fillet of beef.



Are you working harder but getting less? Angry about your rights and freedoms being under constant attack? Worried about your children’s future and the future of Alberta?

If so, the Alberta Prosperity Project (APP) has the answer.

APP is a massive non-partisan movement of Albertans, with no politicians at the table working to create a free and prosperous Alberta.

Alberta has been plundered for its wealth and subjected to federal government overreach for far too long. In our document, “The Rationale for Alberta Independence” we outline the mistreatment of Alberta by Ottawa and reasons why Albertans should be outraged with our relationship with Canada. No provincial government has ever been able to resolve Alberta’s concerns in confederation. However, the solution has always been in the hands of each and every Albertan.

What is the solution? How can we protect the interests, individual freedoms, rights, prosperity and self-determination of all Albertans?



The APP has launched a full-scale public education campaign focused on the rationale for Alberta independence and the need for a successful referendum on Alberta independence. We are gathering signatures from Albertans for our petition to hold a referendum on Alberta’s independence. We are showing how a successful referendum will give our next government the power to stand up for Alberta from a position of strength. We are building communities with hundreds of thousands of Albertans who value freedom, prosperity and self-determination.


With thousands of members and signatures on our petition, the APP will work with Albertans to legally compel the next Alberta government to hold a referendum on Alberta independence.


A successful referendum on Alberta Independence will, for the first time in Alberta’s history, provide the Alberta government the power and leverage to negotiate with Ottawa and the other provinces from a position of strength. If Ottawa refuses to negotiate with Alberta, Albertans will then have the moral and legal legitimacy to chart a new path forward as a sovereign independent nation.

Together, with your support, there is hope for a brilliant future wherein Alberta becomes the most free and prosperous nation in the world to live, work, raise a family or start a business. The benefits of Alberta Independence are numerous and spectacular, and are well documented on our website,

Please consider becoming a member of our community or making a donation. Every membership sold and donation raised goes towards educating the public and growing a community for freedom and prosperity in Alberta.

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The Alberta Prosperity Project is an inspiring initiative to unite all Albertans, businesses, and organizations to protect their interests, freedoms and rights, prosperity, and self- determination by the only means possible, which is to enable Alberta to chart a new path forward unconstrained by the consistent unfair treatment of Alberta within Confederation.

The road to freedom and prosperity is through independence.

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A food revolution is happening! Thousands of Albertans are growing their own food, independently and as a community. The Alberta Prosperity Project believes that independence starts at home and in the community, and that food security is vital for freedom and prosperity.

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