APP’s response to Jason Kenney’s resignation.

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APP’s response to Jason Kenney’s resignation.

Dear Alberta, 

Reality always collects its debt from everyone—always—and for Mr. Kenney, that debt demanded its payment yesterday evening. 

A mutiny permeated the ranks of the United Conservative Party. It was a sinking ship with half its rowers paddling backward and the other half paddling forwards. And, deny as he might, the captain had lost control of his crew. 

Since Klein gracefully resigned from his post, we have watched this humble and hardworking province descend the stairs of prosperity into an abyss of economic destruction.

Be warned; if we descend but a little farther, we will cross the horizon of enterprise and into a singularity of no return. Don’t believe me? Look at what’s happening with Ottawa.

Our province, endowed with expansive and rich territory and capital, has been neglected and smothered by the Federal Government. Carbon taxes, equalization, the annihilation of our industry, bills like C-69, onerous taxation, seized bank accounts (which, admittedly, was country-wide), and an expectation of paying for part of the services of our neighbours in the East have placed a heavy yoke of burden upon our necks. 

These problems do not pertain to just Alberta, either. 

Inflation is a Typhon; the housing market is a Hydra; the income tax system is a Medusa of rules, regulations, and ostensibly high rates. The whole country struggles under this weight.

And yet, though the accounting is egregious enough, don’t forget to watch out for the ominous advance of the welfare state! The Federal Government swallows more and more power every day. Expanding subsidized daycare, healthcare, and welfare, strengthen Ottawa’s crushing grip on the provinces. 

But what have our provincial politicians done? 

Talk, talk, and talk. 

Their actions, restricted by the rules of Confederation, are inconsequential because our negotiating power is weak. Our province needs something new, something better to chart a hopeful path forward and defend our interests and freedoms.

We need a referendum on independence.

We will only avoid further exploitation of our resources and industry if we accumulate deterrents against the aggressor. A referendum on independence is that deterrent. 

Now is the time to rouse the province. In fact, there’s no time left. The speed by which this new global order compromises the Earth is devastating. Will we not stand against their conquer? Surely our provincial politicians understand that something different than the status quo has to be tried to defend our nation. 

Who can tell what the future holds after Kenney’s resignation? Perhaps a more terrible tyrant than anything we imagined will assume the office, or perhaps a just and loyal leader will ascend to the provincial throne. In any case, one thing is sure:

The economy of Alberta is not yet vanquished. Attacks on our industry continue, but we are not yet defeated. Indeed, Kenney’s resignation brings new possibilities. The opportunity to hold a referendum on independence is right before us! Let it be done, and even with all the uncertainty of this tumultuous world, we can uphold the rights, freedoms, and prosperity of a resurrected Alberta.