Alex Epstein Live In Calgary – Recorded October 28th, 2022 (Replay)


On Friday, October 28th, the Alberta Prosperity Project, hosted an event at the Calgary Westin Hotel to celebrate its new initiative, “Drilling for Prosperity.” The event featured keynote speaker, Alex Epstein, who is an American author and expert in the fossil fuel industry. In an interview before addressing the crowd, Epstein explained, “Canada is depriving itself of this incredible opportunity to produce energy and power the world… It has been sad the extent to which so many Canadian leaders have been weak on this issue.” He added, Albertans need to “very proudly crusade for a world of energy-abundance, and you guys should be an energy leader.”

Epstein proved to be an engaging speaker, asking the audience questions, and inserting videos, charts and graphs into his delivery. His talking points on the necessity of increased fossil fuel production to support global human flourishing received strong support from the Albertan crowd; an unsurprising reaction from a region with a fossil fuel-driven backbone.

After dissecting his arguments – available on and in his two books – Epstein received a standing ovation from the crowd, but the night didn’t end there. To wrap up the event, Modry and Epstein sat down for a Q&A portion, answering audience-submitted questions.

Questions from the crowd focused on where to get more information in order to educate others, the reasons for the cultural shift away from “oilfield pride” to “oilfield shame,” and how to reverse such a movement.

The Alberta Prosperity Project is an educational organization focused on educating Albertans about the need for a referendum for Alberta’s independence from Canada and is dedicated to helping make the province more prosperous by supporting industries such as oil and gas.

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