Advancing APP’s Vision at the UCP AGM

Advancing APP’s Vision at the UCP AGM

The choice, and the responsibility to make an INFORMED choice, is yours. Don't miss the opportunity to have your voice heard.



Dear APP Members,

The UCP AGM will soon be upon us, Nov 3rd and 4th.  For those of you attending the AGM, please consider voting for the following recommendations for the UCP Board of Governors, as well as the Governance and Policy Resolutions that best align with APP’s values and principles of freedom, prosperity, and Alberta sovereignty. Where there are two preferred candidates for a given position, they are both excellent, and you can be confident in voting for either. Feel free to take this to the AGM as a reference. 

As always,  it is vital that you make informed decisions when it comes to electing those who wish to represent us, in any capacity. Take the time to get to know the candidates as best you can.  You can find interviews of each candidate posted at our friends Chris&Kerry web page at  Chris Scott along with Marco Van Huigenbos took time to try and get this info to you to help you make your choice. We will keep you informed of any further revisions or updates. 

Here at the Alberta Prosperity Project we have a duty to always try to move the needle towards Alberta Sovereignty. In this case, we reviewed the candidates and then, as a team, determined which candidates are most closely aligned with the mission of the Alberta Prosperity Project. 

Our recommendations are just that – recommendations. The choice, and the responsibility to make an INFORMED choice, is yours. Don’t miss the opportunity to have your voice heard.

1. UCP Board Candidates Recommended by APP as Having the Strongest Freedom and Alberta Sovereignty Platform

President: Jack Redekop or Rob Smith (both are preferred)

Secretary:  Valerie Boese or Joanny Liu (both are preferred)

VP Communications:  Samantha Steinke or John Williams (both are preferred)

VP Fundraising:  Sonia Egey-Samu (acclaimed)

Northern Alberta Regional:  Vicky Kozmak-LeFrense (acclaimed)

Central Alberta Regional:  Patti Vold or Albert Biel (both are preferred)

Southern Alberta Regional:  Sara-Lynn Quist or James Stoutjesdyk (both are preferred) 

Calgary Regional:  Irma Roberts or Michelle Mather (both are preferred)

Edmonton Regional: Ranjit Bath or Christopher Miller (both are preferred)

2. APP Recommended Governance Resolutions

Click here to view our APP Recommended Governance Resolutions

There are 19 Governance Resolutions.  We consider it important to not support Governance Resolutions #1, #2, or #10, but please vote in favor of Governance Resolutions #3- #9 and #11-#19.  The reason for not voting for #’s 1 and #2 is that the criteria for running for a position on the UCP Board of Directors at this AGM did not include the criteria outlined in Governance Resolutions #1 or #2.  If these are passed, some very good APP aligned candidates would be forced to resign immediately after they were duly elected.  Instead, the 2 resolutions should be tabled to the next Policy and Governance meeting, at which time the resolutions could be passed under the condition that any Directors elected at this AGM who would otherwise not qualify under resolutions #1and #2 be grandfathered and exempt from the criteria defined by resolutions #1 and #2.

The reason for not supporting Governance Resolution #10 is that it would preclude removing a leader in the year prior to a provincial election.  If this was in place, we would not have been able to oust Jason Kenney. There should be no grace period in which a leader cannot be subject to recall.

3. Policy Resolutions

APP recommends voting in favor of all 30 policy resolutions because they align with APP values, principles and support freedom and prosperity.

In closing, APP acknowledges that 2 important resolutions did not get on the agenda, but they and others will be added to the agenda for the next policy and governance meeting after the November 3rd and 4th AGM. In particular, member approved governance and policy recommendations must be taken into account by the leader and the caucus.  In addition, recall must be strengthened to ensure MLA accountability to the members in that constituency association. For example, MLA’s who do not support and implement member approved governance and policy resolutions will be subject to an immediate recall vote.


See you at the AGM.

The APP Team

Back in 2021, Chris took a brave stand at his cafe in Mirror, Alta., speaking out against public health orders. While many saw this as defiance, we at the Alberta Prosperity Project viewed it as a courageous act of standing up for the rights and freedoms of Albertans. The charges that were levied against him at that time have now been rightfully dismissed.

This acquittal wasn’t just a random act of leniency. It was based on a recent court decision that deemed certain health orders as invalid due to their imposition method, which was in violation of Alberta’s Public Health Act. The moment Justice James Glass announced, “Mr. Scott, I will acquit you of the charges, you’re free to go,” was not just a victory for Chris but for all Albertans who believe in justice and freedom.

Chris’s trial centered around several charges, primarily for allegedly breaching Alberta’s Public Health Act by keeping the Whistle Stop Cafe open in January 2021, despite orders against large gatherings and in-person dining. His arrest in May 2021, following a protest outside his restaurant, was a testament to his unwavering commitment to his beliefs. His stance has always been clear: he was against any legislation that threatened to strip away our fundamental rights without due process.

The decision to acquit Chris was influenced by a Court of King’s Bench ruling, which found that the decision-making process in a lawsuit named Ingram had breached the Public Health Act. This ruling, combined with the Alberta Crown Prosecution Service’s recent statement that there’s no longer a reasonable likelihood of conviction concerning Public Health Act charges, paved the way for Chris’s acquittal.

The entire legal battle began when several plaintiffs, including two churches and gym owner Rebecca Ingram, challenged the pandemic-related public health measures, arguing they were contrary to Alberta’s Bill of Rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The court’s findings highlighted that politicians, not the chief medical officer of health, made the final decisions on health restrictions, which is not allowed under the act.

As members of the Alberta Prosperity Project, we stand in solidarity with Chris Scott and celebrate this significant victory. It’s a reminder that when we unite for a cause, justice will prevail.

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